About Deep Tissue Massage


What is Deep Tissue Massage?


Deep Tissue Massage works very similarly to a traditional massage, but utilises firmer pressure and concentrates on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. This focus can relieve muscle tension and work out 'knots' that can develop over time due to work or other stresses.


The Benefits


Deep tissue massage can reduce stress and tension in the body, bringing nutrient rich blood to an affected area and encouraging healing of injuries and aches & pains.

The techniques that a Massage Therapist may use can reduce aches and pains and chronic conditions that may build up in your body over time. As well as this, Deep Tissue Massages are also known to help lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones.


Who is it not for?


Although it is an extremely beneficial and effective treatment, Deep Tissue Massage is not suitable for many people who have recently had surgery, have high blood pressure and for pregnant women.


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