Alexandra Orchard

Alexandra is an experienced Osteopath at The Malmesbury Clinic. Alexandra works in a holistic approach connecting all aspects of your past medical history to form a comprehensive Osteopathy treatment plan to resolve your issue.

Having worked both in the NHS and private practice as an Osteopath, Alexandra has a passion for treating both sporting injuries and also those chronic injuries such as work related neck pain and chronic back pain. Alexandra has a special interest in treating fibromyalgia having written a paper on it in 2020.

Alexandra is a great advocate of general health and wellbeing – she loves to keep active, practicing mindfulness and is keen to help others to live a happy and pain-free life.

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  • catherine Salter - Physio
    The Malmesbury Clinic is doing a wonderful job as always. My appointment today with Catherine Salter was so helpful on so many levels. She and the Clinic are ensuring they and their clients are protected to the highest level from any infection. Catherine is 100% professional, cheerful and caring. I'm so glad they have reopened. We need them!
  • catherine Salter - Physio
    Just coming out of lockdown I started having  personal training session.  Unfortunately, I over did the exercise and thought I had injured my leg.  I made an appointment with Catherine Salter at the Malmesbury physio.
    After examination Catherine soon established that it was my lower back which was causing the problems.  Catherine gave me and my trainer some exercises to do during sessions. I had a further two sessions with Catherine and the pains completed disappeared. I would  highly recommend Catherine very helpful and friendly physiotherapist.
    Thank you Catherine