Mags Milan

I believe that a little bit of care and the right information, tailored specifically for you, is enough to enable you to work and play with ease.

I have had a lifelong interest in helping people to cope with life’s challenges. Having previously gained first class honours in Psychology, I was delighted to graduate top of my year at the British School of Osteopathy, winning prizes in academic and clinical excellence.

I am hugely passionate about the role osteopathy can play in promoting optimal physical function, systemic health and overall wellbeing. With first-hand experience working in advertising and music video production, and as a parent with two young children, I am all too aware of the difficulty of balancing personal and professional demands, and how hard it can be to allocate regular time for yourself. I believe that osteopathy is ideally placed to help people improve every aspect of their life.

My practice aims to engage with your unique musculoskeletal and functional systemic problems, and lifestyle demands, incorporating a wide variety of manual techniques, a good listening ear and the odd joke along the way. I strongly believe that fun is the final piece of the puzzle in leading a happy, healthy existence!

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