My background is in engineering and aviation. After working on Britain’s nuclear reactor programme in the early 1980s, I joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot. Following 16 years of military service I transitioned into the civilian sector, operating a variety of Airbus aircraft for Virgin Atlantic Airways. Whilst pursuing my flying career I enjoyed a parallel academic journey that built upon my engineering degree.

Over time, I completed a second undergraduate degree in mathematics and astrophysics, an MSc in applied mathematics, and a doctorate that considered the development of aerodynamics in Britain during the early 1900s. I also studied for a diploma in music, and I am a qualified secondary school teacher of science and mathematics. I am currently an associate lecturer and postdoctoral researcher at the Open University, and my interests include singing with a local choral society, competing in triathlon, and watching Rugby. My passion is helping people better understand important subjects that are intentionally made inaccessible, confusing, or misleading. These include climate science, nutritional science, and some particular aspects of medical science.

If you want conventional advice on nutrition you will not get it from me. I employ basic biochemistry, fundamental principles of physics and engineering, reliable data from medical research, my intuition, and a large dose of common sense, to work out what best promotes the metabolic health of the human body. The biggest advantage I have over mainstream healthcare professionals is that I have not been trained or biased by their education systems; I look at basic facts and from them draw sensible conclusions. My grasp of mathematics allows me to negotiate the statistical hurdles that are used intentionally to obfuscate truth. I can discern which research is meaningful and which is meaningless. This allows me to make sense of all the contradictory information that enters the public domain. If you talk with me you will get my honest opinion, not some party line. Sometimes this will concur with the mainstream view, sometimes it will contradict it. I am not swayed by dogma or any need to conform to consensus or to rules set by some arbitrary higher authority. I intentionally hold no formal medical, dietary, or nutritional qualifications, nor will I ever, since I feel such things are of limited value if much of the information offered during their acquisition is fundamentally flawed. Perhaps most importantly, I have no agenda other than to arm you with the best ways to naturally improve your health and fitness based on my own research, knowledge, and experience. I have been on a personal journey that has taken me from unexpected heart attack victim in 2014 to Ironman triathlete in 2018, and I want to share with you aspects of nutrition that made such an unlikely transformation in health and fitness possible.

I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration, a charity that promotes educating people regarding the benefits to health of consuming real food, and any donations I receive for my advice are split between supporting its work and the work of another favourite charity of mine, Barnardo’s.

To book in with Tony, please call us on 01666 817123 for more details.