Our packages

The key to Marathon training is preparing the body for the stress and strains that are inherent with running for long periods of time. This means that a proper training / recovery plan is vital to get the body used to the rigours of long distance running.

These plans typically begin 5-6 months before you are due to run the marathon. During this period your body is becoming accustomed to the punishment that comes with Marathon running. Even if you have run Marathons previously this can be a lot for your joints/ligaments/muscles to take, and so preparation is key.

To ensure peak performance for the big day, the weeks and months leading up to the marathon need to be planned, with all aspects of your life optimised for performance. This does not just include fitness training but a mix of fitness, nutrition and maintenance on your body.

We offer three different packages for runners looking into taking on a Marathon. Each package can be tailored precisely to suit you as an individual, and optional extras that we provide can be ‘bolted on’ or taken away. This ensures a tailored performance based preparation that will ensure you perform at your peak when it really matters.

Below are our example Marathon packages. Contact us if you would like to book one. Alternatively call us on 01666 817123 or on contact@malmesburyosteopathy.co.uk to discuss tailoring one of the below packages to suit you. All payments can be made up front or spread over two/three payments.