What physiotherapists do

Physiotherapy is about helping people of all ages achieve their maximum potential through movement and function. It is the treatment and prevention of pain, injury or disability through exercise, hands-on therapy, advice and education.

When you come to see us, we’ll make a full assessment, explain what we think is wrong and agree a plan of action to suit you and your lifestyle. Experience tells us that no two pain sufferers are the same, there are common patterns but your particular presentation will be unique and treatment needs to reflect this. We support each other by sharing knowledge, discussing cases and cross referring, so that you get maximum benefit from our skills.

All of our Physiotherapists also teach Clinical Pilates which can be used to support your rehabilitation following injury and ensure that you achieve and maintain fitness.

Why physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatment with our therapists is very much hands-on with a focus on all of you, not necessarily just the bit that is hurting.

Conditions commonly treated by Physiotherapists are back pain and neck pain including headaches, all joint injuries but commonly shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee and ankle joints, muscular tears and strains, nerve injuries.

What we offer

Physiotherapy appointments are available at our Malmesbury based clinic. To book an appointment with Jo Roberts - our Physiotherapist, you can either book online or by phone. Please click on 'book an appointment' at the top right of the page to book online, or call us on 01666 817123 to book in. Alternatvely if you would like to know more information via email then drop us an email on contact@themalmesburyclinic.co.uk.