Benefits of Physiotherapy


The benefits


Physiotherapy is a proven therapy for treating various injuries and ailments. Physiotherapists work with people to maximize movement and improve function in day-to-day life.

Ailments that Physiotherapists can treat are as follows -

  • Preventing disease, injury and disability.
  • Rehabilitation after an injury
  • Tailored exercise routines
  • Improving function
  • Managing acute and also chronic conditions

  • Physiotherapy can benefit people with many different painful musculo-skeletal conditions. The aim of seeing a Physiotherapist is to return the patient to good health and to return to activities that may have become difficult or impossible due to their condition. The Physio will first assess the injury and provide a detailed analysis of where they believe the problem lies.

    Once the assessment has been completed, a physiotherapist will then work with the patient on creating a tailored exercise routine that will enable the patient to perform the exercises between appointments. This means that the rehab programme does not stop once the appointment stops. Treatment with a physiotherapist can also involve manual techniques such as soft tissue work, manipulations or medical acupuncture.

    As a Physiotherapist is an expert in prescribing relevant exercises, they are capable of tailoring an exercise routine to an individual. They will often incorporate elements of Pilates into these rehabilitation routines to create the most effective that will provide the patient with the best results.

    A common misconception of a Physiotherapist is that they only treat Sports people and Sports injuries. While Physiotherapy can be very effective at treating various sporting ailments, it is equally as effective at treating common workplace ailments. The ergonomics of your office, posture while sitting at your desk and other elements of an office environment can mean that Physiotherapists can advise and treat people in all walks of life.

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