What to expect on your first visit


What to expect


Attending any appointment for the first time can be a daunting business. We do everything we can to make your first visit to The Malmesbury Clinic for Physiotherapy as relaxing as possible.

How long does it take?

Your first Physiotherapy appointment will take up to 45 minutes. This leaves enough time to go through any past medical history, find out your aims and objectives, treatment and creating a tailored exercise regime. After your initial 45 minute appointment, Physiotherapy follow-ups will generally last 30 minutes.

What will I be required to do?

Bringing with you any details about past medical history will greatly help the initial consultation process. The Physiotherapist will often ask initial questions such as 'How long have you had the condition?' 'What caused the onset of symptoms?' 'Do you do any hobbies that may have exacerbated the injury?'. The Physiotherapist may ask to do a physical examination of any injuries or affected areas. After collating all of the information available, our Physiotherapist will be capable of tailoring a treatment to suit your specific condition.

Follow-up treatments

Your condition will be monitored closely by our Physiotherapist and the gap between your initial consultation and follow-up will be tailored to you and your condition. You should continue to complete any exercises that they have given you between treatments and as best you can stick to the schedules set out for you by the Physiotherapist. For each follow-up Physiotherapy appointment your routine and exercises will likely be tweaked and changed slightly to as your condition improves.


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