About Pilates


What is Pilates?


Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the 20th Century by Joseph Pilates. Following the principles of 'Centrology' it has proven to be a fantastically effective way of strengthening your core, improving movement & function and control.

Whether you are an athlete or someone who considers themselves to be non-active, the movement based exercises that Pilates offers can help you. With a focus on proper body alignment and using core muscles, Pilates can help you build muscle, strength and core stability. The Clinical Pilates that we offer at The Malmesbury Clinic is taught by our Physiotherapists Jo Roberts & Catherine Salter, who incorporate a variety of Physiotherapy techniques into Pilates sessions.

There are thousands of combinations of Pilates exercises and our instructors Jo & Catherine can tailor programmes to suit your individual needs. Using clinical knowledge along with Pilates sessions means that she can create a bespoke treatment plan that completely targets specific areas of the body. This forms an exceptionally effective treatment plan that can help solve tricky ailments such as back pain, knee weakness, core stability, pelvic instability and lots more.


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