About Pregnancy Massage


What is Pregnancy Massage?


Pregnancy massage is a lovely holistic treatment to help you relax and take time out for yourself. Did you know that 48-56% of pregnant women suffer from lower back & pelvic pain due to altered posture from the increased weight of the uterus & growing foetus?


When can I have a massage?


Pregnancy massage is a very safe treatment to have. At the moment it is only offered in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters. The narrative around massage in the 1st trimester is gradually changing and is in fact perfectly safe. We hope to be able to offer treatments in the not too distant future for those first 12 weeks.


Positioning -


There are a number of ways to receive treatment and they can be tailored for your comfort. Seated or lying on your front with a specially designed cushion can be very comfortable and allow full treatment of the neck & back. You might also like to lie on your side or your back. Any position is OK as long as you feel comfortable. The use of pillows & towels provide plenty of padding, comfort and privacy.


What areas can be treated?


Massage can be tailored to your requirements and can include back, neck & shoulders or include full body with legs, feet, arms, hands & bump. Longer massage strokes are used to aid relaxation, deeper work is avoided to keep blood pressure, heart rate & breathing rate down.


How can it help?


Relaxation -

Massage can help give an improved sense of wellbeing. This in turn calms down the sympathetic nervous system, lowers stress, reduces blood pressure & releases those feel good endorphins to aid restful sleep.

Aches & pains -

Massage can bring relief from general aches & pains caused by the growing baby and the natural changes your body goes through. This includes reducing neck tension that can cause headaches and reducing stress on weight bearing joints & surrounding soft tissues.

Reduce swelling -

Massage has an effect on the lymphatic & circulatory system and when used correctly, can help to reduce swelling (oedema) in the feet, legs & hands. This is more common in the 2nd & 3rd trimester but always check with your midwife before booking in for a treatment.

Improve skin pliability -

The use of skin softening waxes & oils may help to improve skin tightness & the underlying tissues. This can be especially beneficial when applied to the bump, which can feel uncomfortably tight in the later stages.


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