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  • Kate
    I’m a keen walker and traveller, so when I tripped on a pavement and fell on my knee damaging ligaments and then a month later tripped on a root in the woods whilst walking - and fell on the same knee – it was excruciating and in so much pain. I was confined to the house with ice packs, paracetamol and a raised leg for a few weeks. During the first lockdown, the GPs didn’t want to see me once happy that it was a muscular rather than a broken bone issue and referred me to a website with exercises. I did these for a month with little progress. I was then able to get a referral to a trauma specialist and had a scan which revealed no damage to bone or cartilage, but still was in a great deal of pain severely impacting on my walking which was all that was left for us to do in Summer 2020!  The outcome of that was to have a surgical investigation in the form of an arthroscopy and debridement would be likely to have 80% success. I was unsure about surgical invasion if nothing actually identified for the cause of the pain. The Malmesbury Clinic suggested that biokinetics may work for me. ‘What the hell is that?’, but after it was explained I thought it made sense and would give it a go before going for the operation. A bespoke exercise based routine made more sense to me. Robyn was a ball of energy and a hard taskmaster. She made me work hard, I did my exercises at home along with Pilates and building up my walking again. I got my money’s worth as the results were astonishing.  Recovery went quickly and now I walk at least a couple of hours a day without any more pain. I still do the exercises occasionally if I feel a ‘twinge’, and Pilates and walking deffo help too.
  • Graham
    Just would like to say that I have been visiting Robyn at the Malmesbury venue over the past 6 months. She has helped me immensely and her professional manner is superb. I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone who requires support and improvement of their fitness levels. I hope that you are able to use my comments to further develop your services in the local area.
  • catherine Salter - Physio
    The Malmesbury Clinic is doing a wonderful job as always. My appointment today with Catherine Salter was so helpful on so many levels. She and the Clinic are ensuring they and their clients are protected to the highest level from any infection. Catherine is 100% professional, cheerful and caring. I'm so glad they have reopened. We need them!
  • catherine Salter - Physio
    Just coming out of lockdown I started having  personal training session.  Unfortunately, I over did the exercise and thought I had injured my leg.  I made an appointment with Catherine Salter at the Malmesbury physio.
    After examination Catherine soon established that it was my lower back which was causing the problems.  Catherine gave me and my trainer some exercises to do during sessions. I had a further two sessions with Catherine and the pains completed disappeared. I would  highly recommend Catherine very helpful and friendly physiotherapist.
    Thank you Catherine
  • I have now visited Jo at The Malmesbury Clinic for a multitude of ailments. She always gives superb care and a very friendly personal service with a high level of professionalism. She’s knowledgeable, helpful and honest about the pros and cons of various treatments. She will always go above and beyond with her treatments. I would warmly recommend her to anyone looking for a good physio. I have now also just started seeing her for one to one Pilate sessions which are fantastic and which I couldn’t recommend more. Because she understands the body from a physio perspective, it means you get a really bespoke session completely tailored to you and what your body will benefit the most from.
  • I first visited Amy at The Malmesbury Clinic at the end of June for an assessment on my left knee which has been causing problems since a fall in August 2017. She offered some initial treatment within the first session and I have been seeing her on a weekly basis since then. She has used a combination of treatments and has always kept me advised before proceeding, taking good notice of my feedback since the previous session. She is knowledgeable, attentive, and gentle when causing the inevitable pain, showing the appropriate empathy. Overall my knee is improving although I appreciate there is no 'quick fix'. I have total confidence in Amys abilities and would happily recommend her to anyone requiring Osteopathic treatment.
  • Viv
    Fantastic couple of appointments with Steve. He really sorted my back and shoulder after I damaged it painting a wall. I couldn't sleep at all and since the treatment I have slept better than I have in years. I would thoroughly recommend!
  • I came to Malmesbury Osteopathy and Sport massage in preparation for running the London Marathon. Due to the volume of road miles going through my body, I was suffering with pain in my feet and tight hamstrings and calves, I joined the clinic. Both Sarah (leg/back massage) and Steve (feet/ankle) have been fantastic in keeping my joints and muscles loose and in the best condition. The pain I was experiencing has gone and I’m now running at a quicker pace for long runs. Having now completed the London Marathon and Milton Keynes Half, im thoroughly enjoying my running and this is down to having a fit and strong body. Thanks Sarah and Steve.
  • I came and saw Matt the Podiatrist for an ongoing problem and after the appointment I was immediately in less pain and swelling had reduced. Matt is an excellent Podiatrist and I would recommend him to anyone - at last we have a Podiatrist in Malmesbury!!
  • Only had my first appointment with pippa Thursday. What a difference it made to my swim on Friday. I could move my shoulder fully where normally i don't have enough range and struggle to get it out the water. Looking forward to improvements I can make before race season.
  • Malmesbury Osteopathy is amazing, friendly and well located. Pippa found the issue with my back in minutes then fixed it with scheduled appointments. Pippa you are amazing... Thank you so much!!! I highly recommend this place!!
  • Everyone at Malmesbury Osteopathy is very friendly, from Rich at the desk to Steve, who I’ve been seeing for a few weeks with a damaged shoulder, that I ignored too long after moving house. The clinic is very quaint with beautiful old beams and winding staircase to the one room (another on the ground floor). Steve is friendly and I feel very comfortable and happy with his treatment. It is lovely that the treatment continues until he has finished, which usually means that Steve goes past the allotted half an hour by a few minutes. My shoulder is improving each week, giving me more movement after each treatment. Definitely money well spent.
  • I discovered this excellent osteopathy clinic a few months ago. Steve then sorted out my lower back pain very quickly and is now working similar wonders on my shoulder. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.
  • For a while I really struggled with a problem under my shoulder blade and across my back that would cause a lot of discomfort. Not only did Pip locate the problem(s) and treat it, she showed me how to best look after it myself. It has certainly improved since seeing her. I would really recommend Pip and Malmesbury Osteopathy to anyone who needs help and wants a friendly and welcoming Osteopath.
    James Brown
  • I can not recommend Pippa highly enough. I walked in to her clinic a few months ago in significant pain, thinking there was no hope of me ever getting my shoulders sorted enough to get back in the gym. Pippa is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She immediately made me feel at ease, explained what was wrong to each shoulder and more importantly she allowed me to leave her clinic feeling relieved, hopeful and almost pain free. Four sessions with her have made such a massive difference that I am beginning to think my shoulders are normal again!
  • Pippa really understood my back, shoulder and arm pain and used a combination of osteopathy, dry needling and rock tape to treat it very successfully. I was surprised at how quickly the initial problem resolved, particularly after the dry needling. The exercises she suggested were helpful and easy to do. All in all, a great service. Thank-you Pippa!
  • I have been having treatment from Pippa Evans for shoulder and knee pain. I would highly recommend Pippa, her treatment has been really effective helping me resume my sports training. She has also provided me with exercises to help. Thank you Pippa.
    Naomi Hunt
  • Great first consultation today. Really helped with my sore back. Would strongly recommend the services.
  • I can’t thank Pippa enough for the help she gave me with my back and neck pain. She listened when I explained the problems and was quickly able to find the issue. Pippa always explained how and why this had happened and gave me suggestions to help prevent it from happening again. She was very knowledgable. Pippa was kind and caring and I always felt comfortable during my appointments. I visited Pippa every few months to keep everything on track and she always gave honest advice on whether I needed more appointments or not.
  • Pippa is a breath of fresh air - an excellent Osteopath. She keeps up to date with techniques & uses them very effectively. I always enjoy seeing her, both from a social & treatment point of view. All round a fantastic service, & well priced. I would recommend her highly.

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