Robyn Donno

A Biokineticist is a specialist in human movement and exercise. They facilitate in the rehabilitation of orthopedic injures and disease management of chronic, congenital, and neural conditions with the use of scientifically designed and individualised exercise programs.

A biokineticist can improve sports performance and aid in injury prevention for sportsmen and developing athletes. Individuals diagnosed with cardiac, respiratory, congenital, chronic or neurological conditions and special populations (developing children, the elderly, prenatal, and postnatal mothers) can train safely and effectively under the guidance of a biokineticist. Helping them to improve their physical ability, gain independence, and manage their condition. General populations can benefit from postural retraining as well as injury and health risk assessments to identify areas of concern, decrease pain/discomfort, and improve their wellness status.

A Biokineticist will improve how you move, to improve your quality of life.

About Robyn

I facilitate in the rehabilitation of individuals with injures (both sporting and recreational in nature), chronic diseases and neural conditions through exercise. I aid in performance enhancement for sportsman and developing athletes through sports specific conditioning and injury prevention training. For those with congenital, chronic or neural conditions I can improve their quality of life through functional activity development encouraging independence and confidence.



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Interesting Fact

Has completed the Two Oceans ULTRA MARATHON!

Interesting Fact

Also trained in Classical Ballet.

  • Kate
    I’m a keen walker and traveller, so when I tripped on a pavement and fell on my knee damaging ligaments and then a month later tripped on a root in the woods whilst walking - and fell on the same knee – it was excruciating and in so much pain. I was confined to the house with ice packs, paracetamol and a raised leg for a few weeks. During the first lockdown, the GPs didn’t want to see me once happy that it was a muscular rather than a broken bone issue and referred me to a website with exercises. I did these for a month with little progress. I was then able to get a referral to a trauma specialist and had a scan which revealed no damage to bone or cartilage, but still was in a great deal of pain severely impacting on my walking which was all that was left for us to do in Summer 2020!  The outcome of that was to have a surgical investigation in the form of an arthroscopy and debridement would be likely to have 80% success. I was unsure about surgical invasion if nothing actually identified for the cause of the pain. The Malmesbury Clinic suggested that biokinetics may work for me. ‘What the hell is that?’, but after it was explained I thought it made sense and would give it a go before going for the operation. A bespoke exercise based routine made more sense to me. Robyn was a ball of energy and a hard taskmaster. She made me work hard, I did my exercises at home along with Pilates and building up my walking again. I got my money’s worth as the results were astonishing.  Recovery went quickly and now I walk at least a couple of hours a day without any more pain. I still do the exercises occasionally if I feel a ‘twinge’, and Pilates and walking deffo help too.
  • Graham
    Just would like to say that I have been visiting Robyn at the Malmesbury venue over the past 6 months. She has helped me immensely and her professional manner is superb. I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone who requires support and improvement of their fitness levels. I hope that you are able to use my comments to further develop your services in the local area.