What is Biokinetics?

A Biokineticist is a specialist in human movement and exercise. They facilitate in the rehabilitation of orthopedic injures and disease management of chronic, congenital and neural conditions with the use of scientifically designed and individualised exercise programs.
A biokineticist can improve sports performance and aid in injury prevention for sportsman and developing athletes. Individuals diagnosed with cardiac, respiratory, congenital, chronic or neurological conditions and special populations (developing children, the elderly, prenatal and postnatal mothers) can train safely and effectively under the guidance of a biokineticist. Helping them to improve their physical ability, gain independence and manage their condition. General populations can benefit from postural retraining as well as injury and health risk assessments to identify areas of concern, decrease pain/discomfort and improve their wellness status.

A Biokineticist will improve how you move, to improve your quality of life.

How does it work?

At your first appointment an initial assessment is conducted. The assessment includes a history and a few functional tests. These tests may include posture, body composition, flexibility, strength, endurance and specific movement assessments depending on your reason for treatment. The assessment will be used to design the best possible exercise program, suited to your specific needs and desired results.

Follow up appointments will be used to ensure the correct execution and progression of the program. Reassessments are conducted periodically to track your progress insuring you are moving towards your desired goal. Assessments and treatments are physical so its best to wear comfortable and nonrestrictive clothing.


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