Jo Roberts

I am a foot nerd, and a curious and caring human. I love looking at the body from the ground up, seeing what's working and helping find out what isn't. My ideal approach as a health professional is encouraging empowerment through lifestyle education and combining this with both manual therapy skills and an exercise-movement based approach. I see one of my main responsibilities to be educating every patient I see about their body, how to help themselves and get on a healthy track going forwards.

I've been practicing as a physio for 17 years, across the many different clinical fields and with some invaluable experience away from home in Australia, New Zealand and China. My formal education is in Sports & Exercise Science, Physiotherapy and clinical Pilates both matwork and equipment (APPI trained & certified) with Bsc (Hons) degrees in the former two. My passion is in being a true health professional with a sound understanding of all the pillars of health that will better enable me to help and inspire an individual on their own health journey. I take full responsibility for my health, prioritising it as a personal core value and by doing so I am constantly learning, with an open mind, how to thrive and am committed to helping others do the same.

When I'm not in the clinic, I will be moving around somewhere.. on foot (barefoot), in open water on a board, playing/balancing on a beam or running around with my children.

To book with Jo Roberts, please email her directly on or call on 07551699120.

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Is an accomplished surfer



Cups of coffee a day (with oat milk)


  • I have now visited Jo at The Malmesbury Clinic for a multitude of ailments. She always gives superb care and a very friendly personal service with a high level of professionalism. She’s knowledgeable, helpful and honest about the pros and cons of various treatments. She will always go above and beyond with her treatments. I would warmly recommend her to anyone looking for a good physio. I have now also just started seeing her for one to one Pilate sessions which are fantastic and which I couldn’t recommend more. Because she understands the body from a physio perspective, it means you get a really bespoke session completely tailored to you and what your body will benefit the most from.