Jo Roberts

My ideal approach as a health professional is encouraging empowerment through lifestyle education and combining this with both manual therapy skills and an exercise-movement based approach. I see one of my main responsibilities to be educating every patient I see about their body, how to help themselves and get on a healthy track going forwards.
I've been practicing as a physio for 17 years, across the many different clinical fields and with some invaluable experience away from home in Australia, New Zealand and China. My formal education is in Sports & Exercise Science, Physiotherapy and clinical Pilates both matwork and equipment (APPI trained & certified) with Bsc (Hons) degrees in the former two. My passion is in being a true health professional with a sound understanding of all the pillars of health that will better enable me to help and inspire an individual on their own health journey. I take full responsibility for my health, prioritising it as a personal core value and by doing so I am constantly learning, with an open mind, how to thrive and am committed to helping others do the same.


What our patients say -

  • Pippa really understood my back, shoulder and arm pain and used a combination of osteopathy, dry needling and rock tape to treat it very successfully. I was surprised at how quickly the initial problem resolved, particularly after the dry needling. The exercises she suggested were helpful and easy to do. All in all, a great service. Thank-you Pippa!
  • I can not recommend Pippa highly enough. I walked in to her clinic a few months ago in significant pain, thinking there was no hope of me ever getting my shoulders sorted enough to get back in the gym. Pippa is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She immediately made me feel at ease, explained what was wrong to each shoulder and more importantly she allowed me to leave her clinic feeling relieved, hopeful and almost pain free. Four sessions with her have made such a massive difference that I am beginning to think my shoulders are normal again!
  • For a while I really struggled with a problem under my shoulder blade and across my back that would cause a lot of discomfort. Not only did Pip locate the problem(s) and treat it, she showed me how to best look after it myself. It has certainly improved since seeing her. I would really recommend Pip and The Malmesbury Clinic to anyone who needs help and wants a friendly and welcoming Osteopath.
  • Only had my first appointment with pippa Thursday. What a difference it made to my swim on Friday. I could move my shoulder fully where normally i don't have enough range and struggle to get it out the water. Looking forward to improvements I can make before race season.
  • The Malmesbury clinic is amazing, friendly and well located. Pippa found the issue with my back in minutes then fixed it with scheduled appointments. Pippa you are amazing... Thank you so much!!! I highly recommend this place!!