What is Shockwave Therapy?

Tendon injuries can be very stubborn and slow to heal, due to the limited blood supply they receive and the stresses they generally have to endure in day-to-day life (not to mention the added stresses of sporting activities!). If you’ve struggled with a tendon injury for a while, Shockwave Therapy could be the answer.

Used by leading hospitals and Harley Street clinics for over 25 years, Shockwave Therapy is a clinically proven, non-surgical approach to treating chronic soft tissue injuries. It is used for those injuries that have persisted for over a year, or which have failed to improve after 3 months of regular treatment/rehab. It has been shown to be more effective than ultrasound treatment for tendon injuries, in both the short- and long-term. It is recommended to try for some conditions before resorting to steroid injections or surgery.

What it isn't

Shockwave is NOT a quick fix, and does not work on its own. While a small reduction in symptoms may be experienced from the Shockwave itself, best results are heavily dependent on incorporating rehab exercises during the treatment period and for several months afterwards. This combination approach has proved successful in 80% of cases that have not responded to other treatment. Progress is reviewed 3 months after the final Shockwave treatment, and a further course may be indicated.

The Treatment Process