Quiz our Osteopath – Pippa Evans

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Quiz our Osteopath – Pippa Evans

Pippa Evans

How did you become an Osteopath?

I always knew that I wanted to go into healthcare. When I was 18 I looked at my A-levels and thought Dentistry may be worth a shot! So ended up doing a year of Dentistry at Bristol University. I pretty quickly realised that looking inside mouths all day wasn’t for me, so I decided to go and study the subject that I had enjoyed the most within the Dental course, Pippa Evanswhich happened to be Anatomy.

I studied the bachelor of science in Anatomy for 3 years, and came out with a 2nd class honours degree that I wasn't sure what do with in all honesty! So I worked on reception for a while in a dental practice in Bristol, and by chance I started observing an Osteopath there, which is where I realised this was the perfect blend of healthcare, hands-on work and anatomy, so made the decision to take the plunge to study the 4 year masters in Osteopathy.

As opposed to the Dentistry, I completed the course in London, which although was hard work...it wasn't looking at teeth all day, so made it a little more enjoyable! I’ve never looked back since! Osteopathy is such a wonderful combination of Art and Science, both of which I love.

Why do you enjoy Osteopathy?

It’s an extremely rewarding career and seeing a smile on someone’s face who is no longer in pain is why I do it. It’s also interesting meeting so many different people from different walks of life every single day.

What would you be if you weren’t an Osteopath?

If I wasn’t an Osteopath I’d be in the circus. It was genuinely a decision between Osteopathy and joining the circus. I wanted to be a trapeze artist!

What do you do in your spare time?

About 3 years ago I started Skydiving and have now done around 40 solo jumps. I also enjoy Pilates, Dancing and recently I have started Art classes.

skydiving osteopath

What is your favourite aspect of running your own clinic?

My favourite aspect of running The Malmesbury Clinic is the sense of satisfaction I get when I see practitioners working together and sharing ideas, referring to each other and gaining knowledge from each other. I love that this is a friendly, sociable clinic where everyone is learning from each other with our patients best interests at heart. I also love working with my husband (oddly) which has been a real highlight, especially being able to bark instructions at him form upstairs!

How did you get to where you are today?

When I first qualified I worked in a clinic in Kent – it was a cosy, family clinic in a village. I then moved to Bristol where I worked in a very corporate environment. It wasn’t really for me and I didn’t particularly enjoy it as I didn’t feel it was very aligned to the Osteopathic approach I had trained to do. I started working for a clinic in Corsham, which was much more in keeping with my own ethos. I learnt a lot from working at the Carl Todd clinic and Carl inspired me to start up my own clinic in Malmesbury. I’ve taken a lot from my work at every single clinic I’ve worked at, and tried to recreate the good aspects as much as possible here in the Malmesbury Clinic. I feel we’ve built a really strong team who all work together to help our patients.

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It is with great regret that we announce that The Malmesbury Healthcare Clinic will be closed until further notice.

Despite us taking every single precaution we can in the past few weeks, we have decided that we really must put our patients first and do our bit to reduce the chance of spreading the Coronavirus.

Apologies to anyone booked in this coming week. We will be in contact with you all individually to talk through options. We will be offering digital consultations and phone advice during this difficult period and will be resuming 121 treatments the moment we feel it is safe to do so.

For more information on our appointment options, please call on 01666 817123 or email on contact@themalmesburyclinic.co.uk. We wish everyone the very best in these tricky times and look forward to seeing each and every one of you when it has passed.